40 years of competitive shipbroking solutions

IFCHOR is a well-established shipbroking business. The company was founded by Riccardo Ravano in 1977 as part of a Genoa based family shipping business.

In 1980 Riccardo opened up his partnership to Giovanni Calleri and Claudio Ceccarelli. Seven years later, Riccardo’s elder brother Guiseppe also joined. Together the partners took the business forward, growing organically.

IFCHOR: what’s in a name?

In 1977, Riccardo Ravano visited the Chambers of Commerce in Lausanne to register the company. His intention was to register the name ISCHOR, an acronym standing for “Italoswiss Chartering Organisation”. However either an administrative mistake was made, or his handwriting was misunderstood as the name IFCHOR was recorded. Riccardo was initially surprised to discover IFCHOR when he received the printed records, but was already busy fixing and growing the business.

IFCHOR stuck and continues to this day as the name of a well-respected, high performing broking house.

Almost 25 years later at the turn of the millennium, IFCHOR counted 40 brokers in its ranks. The past 15 years have seen diversification and fast growth, with offices opening in Singapore, Athens, New York and Melbourne. It counts today 180 plus strong workforce and concludes over 2500 fixtures each year across a variety of wet, dry and S&P market segments. This is due to a consistent investment in what is the most valuable asset for any shipbroking company – quality professionals.

After years of expansion and diversification IFCHOR is today a highly competitive, still growing, international shipbroking company that is expanding its geographical reach, market coverage and expertise to provide a fully integrated service to dry bulk and tanker clients.