Helvetic Marine Capital SA

Your trusted partner and advisor in ship finance and maritime investments

Helvetic Marine Capital is the ship finance & investment advisory arm of IFCHOR. Established in Lausanne in July 2017, HMC delivers bespoke solutions to shipping and industrial companies with activities in the dry bulk and tanker markets.

Our team consists of experts with complementary long standing experience in banking and investment services. We strive to provide Swiss quality services with an entrepreneurial mindset, a global perspective, agility and discretion. Since inception, we have been mandated to raise circa $550 million of capital.

Ship Finance

Leveraging our international network of >25 banks and >15 funds, we deliver extra debt financing options aligned to your criteria for young and older tonnage. Active support in the negotiation, KYC and documentation phases.


We source common & preferred equity from a range of European and American institutional & private investors on a selective basis on dry bulk and tankers ventures. Together with our team of analysts, we help you master the required investment material.

Investment services

Hand-in-hand with top tier owners, we originate and develop new shipping ventures open to third investors. Exclusively, we prepare the investment materials, raise the equity and debt. IFCHOR’s chartering / S&P desks provide us valuable support.

Business Planning

In an environment with increasing complexity & volatility, we advise shipowners on how to tailor their strategy, plan and structure their business, to comply with institutional investors’ or JV partners’ criteria. Our investment services apply optionally for the plan’s execution.


Debt & Equity financing on project + corporate level

  • Bilateral loans
  • Alternative capital raising (mezzanine finance, sale & leaseback structures, preferred equity schemes)
  • Equity raising
  • Business planning
  • Debt and investment advisory
  • Hunting licenses
  • Export Credit Agency (ECA) financing schemes
  • Debt restructuring and resolution

Investment services

  • Origination and development of shipping investment opportunities (from A to Z)
  • Business planning and investment material (teasers/memos)
  • Full-scale advisory services on shipping investments/structures
  • Private Banking and Wealth Management (in collaboration with selected family offices)

Market / Investment Team

Hansruedi WINTER

☏ Tel: +41 21 310 31 12
✉ Email: shipfinance@hmcapital.ch