Transforming ideas into tangible opportunities

IFCHOR has been active on Sale & Purchase for many years, initially through long term Time Charter deals with purchase options, which are still an important part of the team’s success today, offering a discreet service to clients looking for a range of commercial opportunities.  Our core business today consists of second hand Sale & Purchase in the dry sector – Handysize to VLOC and in the tanker sector – product tankers to VLCCs.

Other services provided by the S&P team include:

  • Contracting of newbuilding
  • Vessel valuations for ship-owning clients and banks
  • Demolition

Our experienced team, working together from Lausanne, Athens and Tokyo has an international reach and a long-established network of close clients and industry contacts. The team is in close contact with all IFCHOR’s chartering desks and is able to provide period rates guidance in just few minutes and period charters according to the client’s needs.

The team is able to work on a strictly private basis to ensure maximum confidentiality on all negotiations.

  • Compact team of 5 experienced brokers
  • 4 different nationalities
  • Speaking 5 different languages
  • 18 years average work experience
  • Diverse and wide expertise
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