IFCHOR and its affiliated companies acts at all times in accordance with UN, US, EU sanctions, GDPR and any applicable local laws.

We take detailed steps to ensure that we do not transact with sanctioned, restricted and denied parties worldwide. These measures include the use of third-party software which allows for daily screening of all our clients and trading partners against all sanctions. International sanctions policies are dynamic by nature and it is important that all customers, suppliers and trading partners are screened against a comprehensive database of international restricted and denied party lists. Any potential compliance issue is instantly flagged to IFCHOR.


Beyond Compliance

Integrity, honesty and trust are core values for every IFCHOR employee. IFCHOR expects ethical conduct by all its brokers, back-office staff and directors in accordance with its “Personnel Code of Ethics & Conduct”.

As members & panelists of the Baltic Exchange, we further ensure that all shipbrokers comply with best shipbroking practices and principles as set out in the New Baltic Code.


Terms & Conditions

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